AUREA Awards Jury: Cathy Hackl, Futurist; Kathleen Cohen, Jury Chair; Tech Humanist, Thomas Wagner, CEO VR Coaster; Frederic Lecompte, Co-Founder Blacklight VR/AR; Frank Govaere, VFX Supervisor UFA Berlin
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Kathleen Cohen

Immersive Design
and Experience Strategist

Kathleen Cohen is a creative, thought leader and an immersive tech humanist as it relates to digital humans, virtual beings, the Metaverse, AI and the next 25 years of development led by media, entertainment, spatial computing, neuroscience, behavioral psychology and ethics. She focuses her work in three areas: Client Engagement, Speaking, and Industry Research.

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AWEXR – Does Medium Matter? Storytelling in XR Vs. IRL

AWEXR – Does Medium Matter? Storytelling in XR Vs. IRL

Does it matter whether a momentary event is physical, digital, virtual OR is an experience an experience? Our panel brings together leading designers from both the traditional experience world (e.g. theme parks) and the immersive experience world (e.g.,VR) to debate this exact topic and determine whether each needs its own tools or whether—and how—the same definitions, toolsets, taxonomies and frameworks might be applied to both. Where do they fall short? Where do they reach too far? Is “experience” already the same but merely without a shared language? How can we best use what already exists so that, as we create in XR, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants? Our panelists will conclude with concrete answers, providing tools you can use today to create the experiences of tomorrow.

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